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We’ll Even Handle the Clean-out!
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Our Hudson County Home Buying Team

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Dan Breslin,
Founder & President
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James Harris
Operations Manager
Natan Sherman
Home Buyer in Phoenix AZ & Atlanta GA Jean Zambrano
Jean Zambrano
Atlanta Property Buyer Rory Shackleford
Rory Shackleford

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Nathan said, “Chose Diamond – They would take it (buy the house) with the people (tenants) living in the house!

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Are you looking to sell your house fast in Hudson County, NJ?

Call us today at 1-888-720-3075 if you’re looking for a reliable cash home buyer to sell your home. Diamond Equity Investments will make the entire home-selling process easier and hassle-free for you unlike dealing with a traditional real estate agent.

Sell My House Fast in Hudson County, NJ!

What does it mean when we buy houses for cash in Hudson County NJ?

  • You make NO repairs. We buy houses in Hudson County, NJ, AS-IS
  • You pay NO commissions. We are cash home buyers and we buy houses for cash.
  • We pay all closing costs when we buy houses in Hudson County, NJ.
  • Close anytime you want with our cash house buyers.
  • Selling a house by yourself could be a great hassle. We can help you sell your house fast in Hudson County, NJ.
  • We are one of the prominent real estate investors that will pay cash for your houses, so that means we love to close really quick, which can be sometimes as fast as 7 days, so that you can collect your cash and move on.

We’ll reach you out to talk about your house and how we can help. We’ll meet and do a house inspection as well.

There’s absolutely nothing to worry about. You’ll receive a fair cash offer.

Tip: You have to act pretty quick to sell your house! A problematic property has the tendency to get worse the longer you put them off. The longer you wait, you could be draining equity!

There are just plenty of reasons where a homeowner like you will need to sell their houses quickly in Hudson County, NJ. No matter the condition of your house, we can still give you a fair offer. As one of the companies that buys houses for cash in Hudson County, NJ, we are fully committed to helping you work through your house problems.

Have You Been Facing the Following Situations?

Any Reason

Any Condition

Any Challenge

Health Problems

Storm Damage

Financial Issues


New Houses

Title Issues

Major Repairs Needed

Full of Stuff or Trash

Family Matters


Problem Tenants

Late on Mortgage Payment


Fire Damage

Hoarder’s Home

Inherited Properties

Old, Outdated Houses

Out of Area Property


Major Repairs Needed

Low Equity


Unfinished Construction

Large Liens


Termite Damage

Code Violations


The Benefits of Selling To A Cash Home Buyer

While there are many cash home buying companies out there, home sellers in Hudson County choose Diamond Equity Investments over the competition for a number of reasons.

That’s because when we buy houses for cash in Hudson County, NJ, we provide a lot of advantages, like:

Our Best Offer: At Diamond Equity Investments, we understand that a low ball offer is nothing but an absolute time waster. Hence, we will provide you with the best offer from the start.

We Buy Houses “AS-IS”: Yes, that’s correct! When you work with Diamond Equity Investments, you don’t even need to worry about cleaning your house before selling to us! If you have a tight schedule and want to leave any old stuff you don’t want, you are free to do so. We’d love to handle everything for you.

Fast Closing: If you are looking to sell your house on any particular date, you’re more than welcome to do so. We will be happy for you to close within the timeline that you prefer.

No Commissions: Many homeowners pay thousands of dollars to their real estate agents only to realise they are wasting their time and money. But the best part is that the experience is completely different with us. We are cash home buyers and there is no commission to work with us.

No Fees: We literally don’t charge any fees when you sell your home to us. The best part? We’ll even take care of the closing costs for you.

We Pay Cash for Houses: Paying cash for your house in Hudson County lets us skip all the hoops that the traditional banks make most other home buyers jump through. We don’t have to depend on any loans and that’s how we keep things simple and convenient.

Upfront & Honest: While there are a number of cash home buyers around, the things that made us stand out from others is our integrity and honesty. These are the most essential part of every deal we do when you sell your house fast in Hudson County, NJ. At Diamond Equity Investments, we believe in putting homeowners before profits.

Only One Showing: We completely understand that it’s a hassle to show your house multiple times to the same buyer, and hence, we ask for only one showing to give you a fair cash offer!

Professional Experience: Many homeowners in Hudson County, NJ have been going through difficult situations when it comes to selling their houses and we’ve helped tons of them. Therefore, we are confident that we can do the same for you as well.


Is selling to Diamond Equity Investments YOUR best option?

Before you sell to us, spend a few moments thinking if selling your house for cash is the right decision for you? If you have remodelled your house recently and you have the time, it’s best for you to hire a realtor. Alternatively, you can sell it on your own.

Also, does your house need repairs and you don’t have the necessary time for that?

In that case, selling to a company like Diamond Equity Investments is going to be the fastest solution for you. That’s because we buy homes quickly in any condition and “normal buyers” are financing the purchase – and they have to play by the rules of their bank.

We pay cash for houses in Hudson County, NJ, so we are ready to proceed whenever you want. Unlike other traditional real estate agents, we are not waiting for the bank’s approval. We will do an inspection of your property and can offer you a fair price as early as possible. Please note that our typical escrow is a few weeks. However, if you need the cash sooner, we will always accommodate you.

Does that sound like a lot of work and uncertainty? No worries at all. Simply give us a call today 770-766-7061.


Sell my house fast in Hudson County NJ “AS-IS”

Many homeowners ask, “What’s the most common property we buy?”

Well, properties in need of major repairs. There are two reasons behind that:

  • First, major repairs can add up very quickly
  • Major repairs can certainly be expensive to fix, especially if you don’t know the actual process to fix them.

Then there are costs for labors and materials which could be huge. But, that’s not all.

You also need to budget for the unexpected troubles that might arise anytime and you have to be prepared for that.

Give us a call today at 770-766-7061. We buy houses in Hudson County, NJ, AS-IS.. If you don’t have the time to deal with a bunch of stuff, we would be happy to buy your house along with everything in it, too! At Diamond Equity Investments, we always prioritize our homeowners. Therefore, we’ll do whatever makes your life easiest. We buy houses in Hudson County, NJ to make it super easy and convenient for you, so reach out to us today and let us know any ways we can go above and beyond to help make your life easier.

We work differently at Diamond Equity Investments. All you need to do is to contact us and submit the short property information form below. We’ll then provide you with a fair all-cash offer on your house within 24 hours.

The best part? We can close based on your preference. It doesn’t really matter what condition your house is in, or even if there are tenants in there that you want to get rid of. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about. We’ll handle it for you. And if you need the cash fast, we can close in as little as a week because we buy houses with cash in Hudson County, NJ and we literally don’t have to rely on traditional bank financing.



We Buy Houses in Hudson County NJ, regardless of the actual condition of your property. It really doesn’t matter what time frame or situation you’re facing…

As one of the best companies that buys houses for cash in Hudson County, NJ, our goal is to help make your life free from any hassles and help you get rid of the house that’s stressing you out… while still paying a fast and fair price for your property.

Give Us A Call Now At: 770-766-7061

“How Do We Buy Houses in Hudson County, NJ?”

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We’ll Buy YOUR House:

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“As Is” –You Make NO Repairs!

Quick Cash Closing–NO Mortgage Companies delaying Closing!

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No Agent Fees -

NO Commissions & NO Hidden Costs!

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We’ll Even Handle the Cleanout!

Leave Unwanted Items Behind!!

Expect a Fast & Convenient Sale when you choose to sell to Diamond Equity.

Receive Your Money ASAP:

  1. We’ll Schedule a Time to View House.
  2. You’ll Receive a Cash Offer on the Spot.
  3. We’ll Handle All the Paperwork.
  4. Attend Closing & Get Your Cash!!
“I feel like I can breathe. I feel like a weight lifted off my shoulder. OMG I'm so happy!”
Atlanta, GA

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*Guarantee Details-Guarantee payout amount set by Diamond Equity Investments Acquisition Manager according to the agreed purchase price of the house. Typical guarantee amount is between 1%-5% of the purchase price. Guarantee limited to instances where Diamond Equity Investments, or it’s subsidiaries, do not perform (ie Close) on the contract. In instances where the closing must be delayed due to title clearance issues, occupancy issues, weather conditions, or acts of God, the Guarantee will not be paid, as Diamond Equity Investments would be considered still performing on the agreement.

I need to sell my house fast in Hudson County, NJ – what should I do?

If you are looking to sell your house fast in Hudson County, NJ, we have a great solution for you. We buy houses for cash in Hudson County. Feel free to connect with us 770-766-7061 and we’d certainly love to make you a fast, fair, no-obligation and no-hassle offer. It’s entirely your choice whether you want to take it or leave it. You’ve got nothing to lose when you work with us to sell your house.

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