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Diamond Equity Investments, LLC BBB Business Review

We’ll Buy YOUR House:

We’ll Buy YOUR House:

  • “As Is”– You Make NO Repairs!
  • Quick Cash Closing–NO Mortgage Companies delaying Closing!
  • No Agent Fees–NO Commissions
    & NO Hidden Costs!
  • We’ll Even Handle the Cleanout!
    Leave Unwanted Items Behind!!

Diamond Equity Atlanta Reviews from Past Sellers

Connie said, “A lot of family memories there. My dad’s estate-his will to sell the property”

Syble & Vicki said, “Didn’t need a place that big. Upkeep & maintenance issues.”

John & Doris said, “Relunctant to sell-but the neighborhood changed. Got her the best deal. That was very impressive.”

James said, “Needed a lot work-wanted to sell-didn’t have the money to fix it.”

Marilyn said, “Upkeep became a bit much-it was just time. It’s been a wonderful experience! Close Quickly & Handle the Clean out!”

Lori & Irvin said, “Selling to an investor is quick & easier than going with a realtor. Wish I had more homes to sell you!”

Tommy & Roosevelt said,” Wanted to pull my cash value out of it.. Made it SO EASY FOR ME. A Fast Process.”

Gerald Said, “My wife died. Didn’t need all that space. You came up and met the price I wanted.”

Kelly said, “My father had surgery-time for him to get one level home. You Guys were awesome!”

Caroline & Frank Said, ” You came highly rated ! Very thankful-helping us get this money-and working with the tenant that was in there.”

Lisa & Marissa said, “Selling a house can be daunting. You made what seemed like a HUGE task Easy!”

Danny Said, “Everything was great-from first look to the final day [of closing]. Everything went extremely well to me!”

Gary & Jean said, “Tired of property expenses. Good company to do business with. Very Easy”

Tierra said, “You all are awesome! Everything was smooth & easy!”

Ms. Allred said, “Neighborhood got too big-I was ready to leave-I didn’t have to worry about cleanup. Easy”

Ms. Shepard said, “Really has been a nice experience. They would take the place as-is”

Minnie said, “Reached out to yall & glad I did. Made me real happy!”

Mike said, “Tried other options-couldn’t get nowhere. You guys jumped on it!”

Easton & Sandra said, “We just had to sell it. Y’all seemed like the type…going to fix the house up”

Tabitha said, “Too much work-house-needed too much work. Just Sell Your House As Is!”

Sabrina said, “It was a great stress-LESS process! It was a great experience!”

Diana & James said, “The amount we wanted was exactly what you were offering!”

Laura said, “With Covid 19, made the decision to move closer to family & Wanted to choose the safest option.”

Joyce said, “Appealed to me-no showing, no sign in the yard. 3rd house I’ve sold & I never had such efficiency!”

Bessie & Frank said, “Trying to Downsize. Did it in record speed time. Very thankful about that. Wish more senior citizens knew about Diamond Equity!”

Jodi said, “I did my research. House not in best condition. Knowing you’re going to make the house better”

Kirsten said, “Relocating-didn’t have time to get the place ready for sale. Smooth & Easy process. No issues!!

Joyce, Tankia, & Kevin said, “You’re FAST! You guys were the best choice! I give it a A+!”

Mary said, “In no time, they purchased my property. Diamond Equity is the one to go for! They are the One!”

Jean said, “Done in a very timely manner. Liked to Sell it As Is!”

Jackie Said, “There was mold & structural problems, so we decided to sell to Diamond Equity-paid off our mortgage and gave us walking money, Diamond Equity made it right!”

Mr Bryant said, “Quickness, smoothness, & honesty.”

Belinda said, “Trying to renovate it-just overwhelming…2 years later we chose to just sell it as is.”

Bob & Lynne said, “We agreed on a fair price. It was very simple & very quick”

Steve said, “You were professional, the other buyers…you made is easy coming to us with the paperwork”

Nathan said, “Chose Diamond-they would take it (buy) with people (tenants) living in the house. “

Tommy said, “Needed a change. Issues (with the house) kept poppin up. Everything went well”

Noel said, “Bad Contractor experience-had to sell. You people are honest & make the house beautiful!”

John & Tammy Said, “Just don’t have that much effort to put it. You would just take it As-Is! I like that-it was good experience”

Shannon said, “Got a letter in the mail. Like the fact that you’re going to fix my house-make it better for the whole community. My mom’s house-very special to me.”

Mike Said, “Didn’t have the time or the money to put into it-figure I’d Just Sell it As Is”

Phil & Cynthia said, “Home needed fixing up-two mortgages. Able to get it done, processed-closing went EXCELLENT!”

Just Sell it “As-Is”    Diamond Equity Atlanta Review Videos Below

Tammy Said, “Sister did a number on the house…good time to sell it. Saw the Diamond Equity TV commercial and called-process was really really easy-so much less stressful”

Bernard said, “Checked with some realtors, but felt comfortable with you. You gave me the right answers”

Mr. & Mrs. Holt said, “Burned down house. Take that risk away from Us. Very professional people-by far.”

Linda & Willie said, “Didn’t have time to maintain properly. Shared Driveway caused a problem-but we got the property sold!”

We Buy Houses in the Atlanta, GA Region   Diamond Equity Atlanta Reviews

Craig said, “She couldn’t handle the repairs or keeping up with the tax payments. I’ve got.. a real estate background-Actually, it’s probably the SMOOTHEST TRANSACTION I’ve ever seen!”

Hannah said, “Owner lives overseas, so it took longer to get the documents…that caused the delay. You gave us money in advance. $15,000. Which was really helpful to us. Thank you Al.”

Alex Said, “Felt like working with you was our best option-Al even helped get the moving process going”

Diane said, “You would buy it “As-Is” & I knew there were a few problems with the house. Didn’t go with an agent because that would take too long.”

Saul said, “Needed to Move fast & save property from tax sale. You guys went the extra mile!”

Rudy said, “House is 100 years old and needed full rehab. Sell it as is.. & get the best money for the value of the house!”

Nick & Donna said, “We needed to downsize. It’s a Quicker, Faster Process! No problems, so nice, it was actually enjoyable!”

Darlene said, “My Father passed away and the home was an hour away (from us). When we were going through everything there was a correspondence from Diamond Equity. There was a reason my dad saved it-so we called”

Terry said, “The ability to Sell it As Is-and you communicated every step of the way. We were very pleased with how smooth everything was and how honest you were. Very professional.”

Paula said, “ I received a very professional advertisement in the mail with photos-so I knew who I was letting in my house-I wasn’t letting a stranger in the house! Communication was 100%. Not a Problem at All! “

Barbara & Lou said, “Very honest, very straightforward. You made it very easy on us. We didn’t have to do that much thinking about the property and all the paperwork was taken care of…I appreciate that.”

Kimberly said, “Needed the money for my mom. Agents take too much time-Just wanted to sell it as is!”

Tom said, “Very personable & very honest. Need a lot of upgrades. Great opportunity to sell the house as is”

Deanna said, “On the market about 3 months, it just wasn’t moving. The fact that it was being sold “as-is”…super easy, super easy process. Diamond Equity was pretty quick about it and responded very fast!”

Robert said, “Google search-be done with the house. I was in Florida-been retired-house in Philadelphia”

Susan said, “Father moved in with us & Sister was a hoarder. Place was a mess- Diamond Equity a much better way to go”

Fila said, “Looked into Diamond Equity-kinda liked you guys! (House) Needs a lot of repairs. 15-20 mins & it’s done!!”

Carol said, “The house is too big. Too many stairs. That was my big reason…I asked for extra time-the closing date was set earlier-but you gave me an extra two weeks-so I could get everything I needed outta there.”

Barry said, “Gone 5 years-living in Florida. Have another property I’ll sell (you). I was satisfied!”

Anthony said, “Easiest solution..house was run down. Didn’t feel like listing with RE Agent”

Raianna said, “Sold because.. too much space. We closed quickly-no issues-went smoothly”

Jerry said, “Property was a burden. Tenants trashed unit-taxes-a burden. Wanted Something Quicker.”

Ming said, “It was a wonderful experience to us-very helpful to remove the bad tenant”

Steve said, “Tenant troubles-You guys straightened it out & closed in 15 mins. A+ BBB Rating. George did a great job!”

Lisa said, “My dad’s house-he’s elderly and can’t keep it up. Al took care of everything”

Assandra said, “It was my mother’s house & it was just time to sell. I can recommend Al if you need to sell quickly!!”

Joseph said, “Needed money. Pipes busted. I’m glad I got it closed!”

Terry & James Said “This has been a bittersweet moment for me. You helped me a lot. I adore you..”

Wanda said, “My brother was deceased and we lived out of town-too far. Sell to this guy!!”

The Cashaw Family said, “Mom fell ill-we suggested she come stay with us. Area she lived-hard to sell. Then I saw the commercial!”

Christian said, “Easy to work with. No pressure on either end. Read the Reviews and Felt Reassured.”

Anne said, “You would take it no matter what. It was fast. It was easy. I left a large mess for you there!”

Leroy said, “The Advantage of going with Diamond-did NOT have to make any repairs. Did NOT have to deal with Showings… Fair Price”

Brian & Jean said, “Had an older home, troubled tenant situation…& we were out of state. The home needed some updates.”

Denise said, “My mother’s in a nursing home and two nephews are in there squatting. Nobody would take it [with the squatters]”

Lynn said, “Much easier process..even let me stay a few days after the closing! This is the way to go-fair with the price!”

Mr. Butler said, “I knew I didn’t want to fix it up. I just wanted the mortgage off me & The tenant could stay there.”

Mr. Cates said, “You took the burden off of us. The price was immediate & satisfactory. I’m very happy with what you did!”

Martin dijo, “Trabajo muchas horas y siempre estoy ocupado y me ayudaste con todo el proceso.”

Francine said, “Sell my home as quick as possible. Didn’t want to do repairs-THIS was the EASIEST way!”

Julius said, “Tenants. [the house] went way down [in condition] from when I gave it to him.”

Ms Williams said, “You made things seem pretty clear.. we’re very satisfied with the results.”

Michelle said, “Wanted the Convenience of Selling As-Is. Process was very smooth!”

Maria dijo, “Yo vendí la casa porque vivo muy lejos y en realidad tenia muchos problemas…los inquilinos no me pagaban y tenían un año sin pagar.”
Maria said, “ I sold the house because I live too far and in reality had too many problems…tenants weren’t paying in over a year.”

The Jones Family said, “The house needed a lot of work. They keep their words-their honest. It’s what they do.”

John said, “No longer want to be a landlord. I didn’t have to do any repairs-sell it as is-saved me money & time.”

Edward said, “Getting older, thinking about retiring, wanted to downsize. House needed some improvements.”

Ms. Towns said, “House was run down and needed a lot of repair. You seemed to be the best.”

Francis said, “Can’t do maintenance anymore-steps too much. Quick & Simple-one shot deal-so much easier!!”

Joanne said, “I’ve been there almost 50 years-time for a change. Problem finding a contract-just go on and sell the house.”

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Diamond Equity Investments, LLC BBB Business Review

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*Guarantee Details-Guarantee payout amount set by Diamond Equity Investments Acquisition Manager according to the agreed purchase price of the house. Typical guarantee amount is between 1%-5% of the purchase price. Guarantee limited to instances where Diamond Equity Investments, or it’s subsidiaries, do not perform (ie Close) on the contract. In instances where the closing must be delayed due to title clearance issues, occupancy issues, weather conditions, or acts of God, the Guarantee will not be paid, as Diamond Equity Investments would be considered still performing on the agreement.