Hannah Branham

Director of Operations

Hannah Branham the Director of Operations here at Diamond Equity Investments – Atlanta Region. She also runs Commercial Acquisitions & Construction Coordination.

Few Recent Sellers at Closing

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Sellers needed to Downsize and Didn’t Want to Bother with Repairs or Pay Real Estate Commissions or Closing Costs…. So, they Called Diamond Equity Investments.

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Joliet seller talks about why selling with no real estate agent was the quickest & best option. Depending on the condition of the house you’d like to sell, you might get MORE MONEY selling DIRECTLY to an investor than having to pay a real estate agent a fat commission.

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Diedre said, “I’m downsizing, my husband passed away. Really love the personal attention you gave me. So very helpful.”

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Christine said, “Didn’t feel like going through a realtor. You gave me a good price.”

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Mr & Mrs. Minssalle said, “I feel very good. Did the right thing. Feel relieved.”

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Dinette said, “Property had been vacant for several years. Calling Diamond Equity was the Easy Route-the Quick Route. I’m happy!”

Check Out a Few Before & After Photos from Our Recent Renovation Projects (slide to reveal)

Bathroom beforeBathroom after
Living beforeLiving after
Kitchen beforeKitchen after

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