5 Tips for Hosting a Successful Open House

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Although cliché, this statement is true in real estate. With stiff competition and quick-to-judge buyers, you must be ready to impress potential buyers at an open house if you’re looking to sell your house fast in Monmouth County, NJ.

The open house is a critical stage of the home selling process. It’s when interested buyers get to see your property in person and decide whether they should make an offer. This article compiles the best open house tips from Monmouth County’s best real estate agents. Continue reading to find open house secrets from the best realtors in the city.

Tip #1: Spread the Word

While the job of advertising the open house is the realtor’s, you can help spread the word around. Prepare a digital poster announcing the open house details and share it on your social networks. You can also think of other non-digital ways to advertise the open house. You can post an ad on your local coffee shop’s bulletin board or share flyers at church.

Tip #2: Make It Easy for Potential Buyers to Find Your Home

You don’t want potential buyers to drive away just because they have difficulty locating your property. Place signs around the neighborhood strategically on the day of the open house. Get creative with your signage. Add large arrows and big markers directing people to your place. Consider hanging a few balloons on your front door or mailbox to indicate to visitors that they’ve reached the location.

Tip #3: Prepare the Home for the Open House

Before the open house, deep clean and declutter your property. Here are a few additional steps that go a long way in prepping the house for the big event:

  • Keep the driveway clear. Do not park any vehicles on your driveway. Let potential buyers get the full view of the house.
  • Throw open windows, drapes, and blinds. Turn on all lights to showcase your home at its brightest.
  • Bake fresh cookies and leave them by the door so buyers can enjoy a small snack while inspecting the property. The smell can also give the house a homey feel.
  • Play soft instrumental music in the background. Keep the volumes low so that it doesn’t interfere with conversations.
  • Avoid using artificial air fresheners as they can trigger allergies.
  • You can display a bulletin board of seasonal photographs of your home. These photos give buyers a clear idea of how the house looks at different times of the year.

Tip #4: Be Charming

If you’re selling your home without a realtor, you must work extra hard to impress potential buyers. Be upbeat and cheery, and greet each person as they enter your house. Do not hover around them but make yourself available for any questions they might have. Some inspect the home independently, while others prefer to discuss the property with the owner. Be mindful of the buyer’s preferences and act accordingly.

Tip #5: Handout Informational Brochures

Very often, buyers visit multiple open houses on the same day. To ensure that your home stays on top of their mind, provide them with an informational handout as they leave your place. Having a copy of this information makes it easier for them not to confuse your home with similar properties in the neighborhood. Also, it gives them a physical object they can refer to while discussing your home later.

These five tips can help you host a successful open house. You can consider a real estate investor if you have strong feelings about open houses and do not want to host one. Cash home buyers in Monmouth County, NJ are real estate investors who purchase your home directly from you to renovate and sell it for a profit. As a result, you can sell your home as-is without repairs. If you hate the idea of strangers intruding on your privacy at an open house, you can consider selling your home for cash.

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