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It’s common to see homes with modifications completed without the necessary licenses. Unauthorized work is frequently done on homes by homeowners. However, if you’re thinking, “I just want to sell my house fast in Atlanta,” you must understand the specifics of this case. Having unpermitted renovations on a home when selling it can lead to major financial and legal issues. You might be held accountable even if the work was completed by an earlier owner. How can you go about selling a house with unpermitted work? Let’s dive in!

What Is Unpermitted Work?

Unpermitted work refers to any alterations or additions to your home that the local government has not authorized. Unpermitted work could entail tearing down walls, renovating a basement, or adding a bedroom. What counts as unpermitted work depends on local regulations. While some people may not even know they are saving money by working against permission, others may do it consciously.

How to Avoid Unpermitted Work

Permit requirements for house renovations can be complicated and subject to frequent modification. Ask the contractor working on your home if permissions are required before proceeding. If they tell you that you don’t need permission, make sure you examine the local regulations. If permissions are required, ask the contractor to provide documentation proving they were secured. But use caution; permits might be falsified at times. Call the local permit office to confirm that the permits are authentic.

Can I Get a Permit Before Selling My Atlanta House?

Fixing unpermitted work before selling is a smart idea if you want to sell your house for the best price (even if it involves paying for permits). Depending on the extent of the modifications, you can obtain the permits on your own. The work will be inspected by a building inspector once you apply for the permit. They’ll give you a list of things to correct if there are issues.

How to Sell a House With Unpermitted Work?

Due to the risks involved, most buyers are reluctant to purchase a home with unpermitted construction. Since they will have to pay for repairs and obtain permissions, a buyer’s offer is likely to be lower. Although it could seem acceptable to conceal the existence of unapproved work from the buyer, the risk is too great. You can get sued and have to pay to have the job done correctly. It is preferable to be upfront and honest about any unpermitted work. Being open may help you avoid issues with the law in the future.

Are You Struggling to Sell Your Atlanta Home With Unpermitted Work?

Finding a cash home buyer in Atlanta is essential if you’re in a difficult situation and need to sell a house fast in Atlanta. Diamond Equity Investments is one of the cash home buyers in Atlanta, and it specializes in handling various problems, including homes with unpermitted work. As investors, we regularly buy properties without permits, intending to renovate them.

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