Ian Wallach

Acquisition Manager

Ian Wallach is a real estate Acquisition Manager here at Diamond Equity Investments.  Ian is an avid fisherman and ceramic artist when he’s not working on real estate deals.    He enjoys expressing his artistic & creative side in the business of transforming dated houses.  Moving walls, designing the new look & feel of the finished product (a renovated house) is truly an artform.

Ian is a market specialist in real estate located throughout the United States. His experience in renovations makes it easy to see past the current condition of a property and imagine the finished product. He believes in playing to the whistle and making sure no stone is left unturned when looking for a solution with a seller.  So if you’re considering selling a property and are interested in a cash offer, please call today!  

Few Recent Sellers at Closing - Ian Wallach

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Brandy said, “My wife & I are in the military and moving overseas. Feel Fantastic! Wanted to sell the house quickly. You gave a fair price!”

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Barbara said, “Had a tenant…they abandoned the property. [Now} sooo incredibly relieved! So much less work than listing with an agent!”

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Seller’s Experience As Is, Quick Cash Sale of House to Diamond Equity Investments.

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Deborah said, “Downsize. Move closer to family. I always do my homework-saw a few videos and came across yours. Feeling we can trust.”

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Mr & Mrs. Minssalle said, “I feel very good. Did the right thing. Feel relieved.”

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Sellers needed to Downsize and Didn’t Want to Bother with Repairs or Pay Real Estate Commissions or Closing Costs…. So, they Called Diamond Equity Investments.

Check Out a Few Before & After Photos from Our Recent Renovation Projects (slide to reveal)

Bathroom beforeBathroom after
Living beforeLiving after
Kitchen beforeKitchen after

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