Drew Lessa

Acquisitions Manager

Drew was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After attending Northeast High School, he attended Temple University with a major in Finance/Risk Management and a minor in Real Estate. He later joined Corporate America and worked in the Finance/Insurance space for 10 years. While working in Corporate America he decided that he wanted to join the military and choose the Pennsylvania Army National Guard in 2014. He served as a forward observer for the 56th Stryker Brigade then became a Sergeant for the 1/111th Infantry Division and later deployed with the 2/328th Armored Cavalry Division for 9 months.  

Once he returned home from deployment in 2020 he decided to pursue his passion in real estate. His interest in real estate began when his mother was unable to pay the mortgage after a sudden heart attack on his 14th birthday. He went out and worked to try to save the house from foreclosure, helped his mom get out of debt and negotiated a favorable payment arrangement.  Through his empathy and knowledge, he felt that he can make a greater impact through Real Estate and help many people along the way. Drew and his wife Tal recently moved out of Philadelphia to explore the suburbs of New Jersey.  

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Dawn said, “Everything went wonderful. It was very easy. You made it easier!”

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Pat said, “[other people] never called me back. You came out the next day! Didn’t want to wait forever to sell the house”

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Michelle said, “Wanted the Convenience of Selling As-Is. Process was very smooth!”

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Julius said, “Tenants. [the house] went way down [in condition] from when I gave it to him.”

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Francine said, “Sell my home as quick as possible. Didn’t want to do repairs-THIS was the EASIEST way!”

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