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Whether you call an apartment, condominium, or cozy single-family house your home sweet home, safety is a top priority. We’re not just talking about a secure neighborhood but also the physical well-being of your space. Structural issues can be more than just a safety hazard. They can also mess with your home’s resale value when you try to sell a house fast in Chicago. That’s why it’s crucial to understand what structural problems might be lurking in your home.

Walls and Windows Showing Signs of Bulging, Bowing, or Unevenness

When you notice a floor bulging, walls bowing, or doors and windows losing their level stance in their frames, it might signal structural concerns in your home. These irregularities are often linked to issues like structural instability or uneven settling, serving as potential indicators of impending, costly damage to your entire house in the future.


While not every crack in your walls or ceiling necessarily points to structural damage, it’s essential to stay vigilant. Small cracks may escalate into more significant issues over time. Pay close attention if you observe large cracks, especially if they accompany a sagging ceiling or appear in a step pattern above doorways. These signs could indicate a more serious underlying problem.

Water Accumulation or Leaks

Dealing with water infiltration is a significant concern for homeowners. Leaks can cause persistent puddles indoors or consistently damp walls, often resulting from leaky roofs, faulty pipes, or inadequate weather sealing. While it may appear minor initially, ongoing water damage can prove expensive to repair and may give rise to additional issues, such as the development of mold. Moreover, a leaky roof can compromise stability as water gradually erodes the supporting materials.

Irregular Spaces in Windows and Doors

Walls containing windows and doors face increased pressure due to the openings cut into them. Typically, structural damage becomes evident first in the regions surrounding windows and doors, displaying signs such as:

  • Uneven gaps around doors
  • Difficulty in smoothly opening or closing doors and windows
  • Improper locking of doors and windows
  • Separation of doors and windows from the wall
  • Difficulty in keeping doors closed


Settling occurs when your house gradually sinks deeper into its foundation. While it’s normal for homes to undergo some settling over the years, sinking by more than a few inches could signal a problem. Poor foundation construction or shifts in the moisture content of the underlying soil are common causes of settling. This sinking is often a red flag for foundation damage and may coincide with other issues mentioned in this list.

Are You Ready to Let Go of Your House With Structural Issues?

As a seller, it’s crucial to be transparent about any structural concerns your home may have, whether during the listing or before closing (as required in many states). Selling the home as-is can be a smart move to minimize your liability. At Diamond Equity Investments, we understand the stress of selling a damaged house in Chicago, and here’s the good news: we buy houses in Chicago for cash, no matter the condition. We step in with a quick offer and a speedy closing process.

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